Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long Evening

It's nearly 1 am.  I've been working for the last three hours on a PowerPoint presentation for work.  This one is going to end up a huge presentation but it will be great when it's complete and there is a comprehensive presentation to draw from whenever we need to pull together any type of presentation. 

The older two kiddos spent last night at my parents - from what I've heard from them they had a wonderful time with their grandparents and cousins (my brothers children). 

Terry's in his last week of summer school.  The hubby and I have been very pleased with his progress this summer.  He's been working on his math and reading skills during the extended school year.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to Work

It's been a long weekend.  Not that anything went badly, other than maybe my mood, it's just been long.

The kids went to Buddy Break on Saturday.  I really think they enjoy the three hours out of the house.  They get to go be kids and the hubby and I get three hours of not having to worry about them fighting each other or Terry getting into anything.  Not that I can say we've done anything with the time other than just vegetate.  We had discussed going to the park for this last one, but I ended up being to exhausted to even think about going anywhere.

That pretty much summed up my whole weekend - exhausted. 

I had so much that I wanted to get done - none of which happened.  I didn't even manage to "catch-up" on my sleep.  Terry let me sleep till 11 on Sunday, but I still got up feeling just as tired as I did when I went to bed the night before.  I know the causes: stress, money, the house, the kids, my health, etc...  you know all the usual suspects, but I haven't been able to get a hold on it for the last week or so.  Normally, I do pretty good at keeping it all together and staying a bit upbeat - I guess right now the chinks in my optimistic armor are showing. 

What I'd really love is a vacation.  Can't afford it and really don't want to stay home & look at everything I need to fix and don't have the money to repair.

Deep breath and back to work... at least I still have a job.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Holiday Weekend

It's been a busy weekend.

We started off by getting the yard mowed. Thankfully, the hubby was able to get our push mower running since our riding mower decided that it was done with mowing yards. Our oldest got some practice at push mowing. (He's not thrilled he's not getting to "drive" around the yard, but I'm thrilled it got mowed.)

Saturday we headed to my parents to have a cook-out. The kids got to have fun making tie-dyed t-shirts, some of which came out really cool, and us adults got a chance to do a little visiting. As you can see from the picture all the kids (and my sister-in-law) were enjoying hamming it up for the camera in their new t-shirts.

It was a beautiful day. We stayed out on my parents back deck for most of the afternoon - such a change from July 4th's in prior years when it was too hot to be outdoors. We all enjoyed good food and company and had a little celebration for my brother and sister-in-law who celebrated there twelfth wedding anniversary on the 4th.

No fireworks for us this year. It's too much excitement for our little man to handle, especially on top of already having a full day out and about. Overall, it's been a nice holiday weekend.